Re-Elect Judge Larry Weiman, 2020!
80th District Court (Civil) Harris County, Texas

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      THIS THURSDAY, MAY 16TH, 5:00-7:30 PM
                At:   BRASSERIE 19
                1962 WEST GRAY, Houston, Texas 77019

*If you have a case currently pending in the 80th District Court, please do not make a contribution at this time. Thank you.

" I am running for re-election as Judge of the 80th District Court (Civil) of Harris County, Texas! I would be grateful for your vote and your support so that I may continue to serve you, the people of Harris County, the State of Texas and all who come into the 80th seeking justice. I have the honor and privilege of presiding since you first elected me in 2008 and re-elected me in 2012 and again in 2016. Experience, fairness, patience and hard work matters! Thank you!"-Judge Larry Weiman

Judge Weiman has extensive legal and judicial experience in routine and complex litigation. He has a proven record of fairness, promptly bringing cases to trial and moving the court's docket! Since Judge Larry Weiman was elected, the 80th Judicial District Court leads ALL Harris County District Courts (and possibly the entire State of Texas) with
330 Jury trials and 202 non-jury trials=532 total trials, in his first 10 years, 2+months in office (through March 19, 2019 and counting)! He has  QUADRUPLED the number of jury trials in the 80th and has resolved over 15,000 cases since he took the oath of office. This has allowed for prompt resolution of cases, thereby reducing the cost and stress of litigation for individuals, businesses, governmental agencies and the taxpayers of Harris County and the State of Texas. Judge Weiman follows the law and is committed to being a patient, impartial and fair judge who gives everyone an equal opportunity to be heard.

                         Pol. Adv. paid for by the Re-Elect Judge Larry Weiman Campaign, Eric Bogdan, Treasurer,
                                             6575 W. Loop South, Suite 400, Bellaire, TX 77401, in voluntary compliance with the Judicial Fairness Act.

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