Re-Elect Judge Larry Weiman, November 8, 2016!
80th District Court (Civil) Harris County, Texas


Judge Larry Weiman kept his campaign promises to: provide oral hearings on any motions that any party wishes to be heard by the 80th District Court, to make rulings as promptly as possible and to streamline the weekly oral hearing docket. Before he was elected, hearings in the 80th were mostly scheduled on Fridays at 9:00 a.m. This was commonly referred to by local attorneys as a "cattle call." Judge Weiman changed this by staggering the docket so that the quick, shorter hearings go first and the longer hearings are scheduled throughout the day. This saves the attorneys' time and their client's money. Judge Weiman also accommodates attorneys and the public by also scheduling 8:30 a.m. hearings on weekdays before resuming the jury trials set for that day.

Judge Weiman has also kept his promise to assist the overloaded Family Law Courts, when possible. In addition to volunteering his service on the uncontested divorce Night Court program, he has tried several contested divorce/child support cases. Judge Weiman regularly offers to try cases for the Family Law Courts when he has openings in his civil trial docket, as periodically occurs since he calls so many cases to trial, which encourages many of them to settle. 

Judge Weiman believes that the civil district court judges can help speed up the dockets of the Family Law Courts for citizens who need to get hearings and trials sooner then the current backlog allows.

There is presently a much higher case load in the 9 Family Law Courts than that of the 25 civil district courts. If at least 18 of the 24 civil district court judges would also agree to partner with each of the 9 Family Court judges and their associate judges, then there would be at least two additional civil judges working with each Family Law Court, so that one of them would likely be available one day each week, plus be able to handle some of the trials, when their dockets permit. There are many Family Law attorneys and litigants who would like to have their routine motions and trials heard more quickly by an assisting civil district court judge rather than waiting a much longer period to appear before the presiding judge or associate judge, as is the present situation. 

Judge Larry Weiman is taking the lead in advocating reform of judicial campaign financing practices by refraining from soliciting or accepting cash contributions from attorneys/litigants with active cases pending in his court, although such practice is legal and common in Texas.

While current judicial campaign finance laws do not make this practice illegal, Judge Weiman believes that judges should avoid the appearance of impropriety and/or injustice or even the possible perception that "Justice is for Sale.” Nobody should perceive an advantage or disadvantage based upon whether or not they give money to a presiding judge while they have a case before that judge. Judge Weiman is seeking to change that by example, in the 80th District Court. Even when he ran as the challenger candidate for judge he took this position by requesting that attorneys or parties who had cases pending before the 80th District Court not make cash contributions to his campaign while they were an attorney of record or party in this court, a position
he maintains as the incumbent.

Judge Weiman has successfully transitioned the document filings of the 80th from virtually all paper to digital filing through FreeFax filing or e-filing. This has saved the taxpayers of Harris County a tremendous amount of money in reducing work hours needed to manually image and/or store tens or hundreds of thousands of paper documents. Judge Weiman mandated that this be done only when the FreeFax filing became available so that attorneys and litigants without attorneys were not forced to incur an extra charge for the conversion to paperless filing. Judge Weiman also allows those who do not have the capability or the equipment to file through FreeFax or e-filing, to be excused from this requirement upon motion and ruling by the Court, pertaining to such circumstances.

Judge Weiman works hard to ensure justice for all who appear in the 80th District Court and to honor the service and sacrifices of all the brave and courageous men and women currently in the United States Armed Forces as well as our veterans, law enforcement officers and fire-fighters.

Among our veterans, he honors the service to our country in WWII of his father and two uncles. His father, 1st Lt. Karl Weiman, served in the U.S. Army Air Corps, 8th Air Force, 401st Bomb Group. He flew 30 missions, including D-Day in a B-17 as a bombardier/navigator and chin-turret gunner and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal w/3 Oak Leaf Clusters and 2 Battle Stars. Judge Weiman's uncles also served in WWII in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific.

                                                                         EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE
Judge Weiman has been a licensed Texas attorney for approx. 24 years and is also admitted to practice in The United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas. He represented plaintiffs and defendants including individuals and companies, in trial courts and appellate courts all over Texas, prior to his election by the people of Harris County. He graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1991 earning  Dean's List honors and the American Jurisprudence Award in Criminal Trial Advocacy. He also graduated from the Boston University School of Management with a Bachelor of Science degree, (Dean's List honors)  and also attended the University of Texas. Also, he is a trained mediator and received his Mediation Certificate from the A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center at the University of Houston. Judge Weiman is a member of The College of The State Bar of Texas. He is a member of The Houston Bar Association and The Pasadena Bar Association.

Judge Weiman's broad legal experience includes cases involving: Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation, Insurance Law, Medical/Professional Malpractice, Employment Law, Breach of Contract, DTPA, Toxic Torts, Construction, Real Estate Litigation, Products Liability, Premises Liability, Dram Shop, Divorce Suits, and Family Law.

                                                                                  PERSONAL BACKGROUND

Judge Larry Weiman has lived in the Houston area for over 37 years. He is the proud father of two grown children and two young grand-children. Judge Weiman has coached youth sports for many years in the Houston area including: Little League Baseball, soccer and girl's softball and supports many charitable causes and activities.

When he's not in the Courtroom, Judge Weiman enjoys: family activities, sports, concerts, shows, travel, charitable and political events and and mentoring young attorneys.


Ideally, judicial elections should be non-partisan. Judge Larry Weiman proudly serves all of the people of  Harris County and the State of Texas. Although currently serving judges cannot endorse others under Texas law, he was honored to be endorsed for re-election in 2012 by both Democratic and Republican former state district judges such as the Honorable Dion Ramos, Democrat, who served as Judge of the 55th District Court, Harris County and the Honorable Scott Link, Republican, a former Judge of the 80th District Court (Civil).

Judge Weiman was the winner of both the Houston Bar Association Qualification and Preference Polls and was endorsed for re-election in 2012 by:

The Houston Chronicle

The Jewish Herald-Voice

Pasadena Bar Association

Association of Women Attorneys-Houston

Mexican-American Bar Association of Houston

Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 341



Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity

The Houston Sun

Houston Black-American Democrats

Harris County Tejano Democrats

Democracy For Houston

Brains and Eggs Blog

Dos Centavos Blog

Christians For Better Government

Harris County Counsel of Organizations

In 2012, Judge Weiman was also "endorsed" by Harris County voters who re-elected him Judge of the 80th District Court!

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